Recreational & Technical

If you are a beginner, or you have a certification but you want to practise and get more experience, choose one of our recreational courses


If you are already an experienced diver and you would like to change your approach to scuba diving, for new challenges and many satisfactions, choose a technical course

Discover with us EVO2: the most advanced study system for scuba diving. You can study wherever you prefer (at the beach, on the boat, at your home too); your instructor will help to deepen all the topics.





The Scuba Experience program is not a course, but an introduction to diving. On completion, the participant is issued with a certificate of participation but this has no validity as a diving qualification. However, if you enjoy the experience, you can continue onto the Scuba Diver course directly.

  • 1 Theoric lesson
  • 1 Confined water dive
  • 1 Dive (MAX. 12mt)

The Scuba Diver course, of which the Scuba Experience program is the first part, is the fastest way to become a diver. The international Scuba Diver certification permits you to dive all over the world, on condition that you are accompanied by a diving professional, to a depth of 12 meters (40 feet).

  • 2 Theoric lessons
  • 2 Confined water dives
  • 2 Dives (MAX. 12mt)

The Open Water Diver Course is a great “beginning”, but is more challenging as you will become an autonomous diver. If you have already attended the Scuba Diver Course… you’ve already got a head start!
The international certification you will attain enables you to dive (without the requirement of being accompanied by a diving professional) with a dive buddy to a maximum depth of 18 meters (60 feet).

  • Theoric lessons
  • 4-5 Confined water dives
  • 4 Dives (MAX. 18mt)

The Advanced Open Water Diver course represents the second level of training, thanks to which you will learn to manage some special activities such as exploring deeper and navigating with and without a compass. You may also learn to search and salvage objects, dive in a current, dive on wrecks, in conditions of poor visibility, or at night. The international certification you will attain certifies you to dive, with a dive buddy, to a depth of 30 meters (100 feet).

  • Theoric Lessons
  • 5 Specialty Dives:
    • Deep Dive (MAX. 30mt)
    • Underwater navigation
    • + 3 specialty dives


First Aid – CPR

Emergency First Response course:

  • 1 Theoric Session
  • 1 Practical skills lesson


Oxygen in Diving Emergencies

The majority of diving emergencies, such as in all cases of decompression accidents, first aid is the administration of normobaric oxygen. Thanks to this course you will learn to administer oxygen in different ways: on demand and continuous flow, at low, medium or high concentrations, etc.

  • 1 Theoric and Practical Session



The Scuba Rescue Diver course is one of the best ways of learning how to deal with diving emergencies. Together with First Aid – CPR and Oxygen in Diving Emergency, this course is designed to deal with all the possible scenarios of any type of diving emergency.

  • Theoric lessons (20 h)
  • Practical skills in the water (10 h)
  • 8 Dives

If you want to venture to deeper depths, you can attend the Deep Diver course. At the end of the training you will be able to make no-deco stop dives with a dive buddy to a maximum depth of 40 meters (130 feet), which is the maximum depth limit for recreational divers.

  • Theoric lessons
  • 3 Dives (MAX. 40mt)

course dive

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let’s go diving!

navigation briefing



  • 1 Theoric Session
  • 2 Dives (enriched air from 22% to 40%)
  • Initial requirements
    • Open Water Diver certification


An exceptional opportunity to gain experience. Learning knowledge and techniques for dives beyond the no-deco stop dive time allows you to consistently extend the limits of your possibilities by giving you more autonomous skills for risk analysis and better techniques for dealing with any type of emergency.

Course features:

  • just one air or nitrox breathing mix for the entire dive;
  • maximum depth of 45 meters;
  • total ascent time of 30 minutes.

Course development

  • Theoric Sessions (10 h)
  • 4 Dives (MAX. 45mt)
  • Initial requirements
    • 18 years old
    • Deep certification; Rescue certification (or knowledge of the 3 first modules)
    • nitrox certification (just if you want to use nitrox during the course)
    • 50 logged dives



Having acquired all the techniques for dealing with emergencies on the Decompression Techniques course, you can now learn how to reduce the duration of decompression while increasing safety thanks to the use of hyper-oxygenated mixes especially for this phase of the dive. You will also learn all about decompression, what changing breathing gases during the dive entails and, above all, how to optimize decompression mixes!

Course features

  • use of nitrogen-oxygen binary gases, with oxygen percentage greater than 20%;
  • maximum depth 50 meters;
  • maximum total ascent time of 60 minutes, even in an emergency.

Course development

  • Theoric Sessions (8 h)
  • 3 Dives (MAX. 50mt)
  • Initial requirements
    • 18 years old
    • Deep, Rescue, Nitrox, Oxygen Provider, Decompression Techniques certification
    • Valid First Aid certification
    • 75 logged dives


decompression stop

relax after diving

ready to go

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